If I was Homeless…(how I would survive)

I just finished reading this book , It was really thought provoking and convicting. Basically this young middle class christian kid is going to college and is really disturbed by our attitude of christians towards the homeless especially in the light of a lot of Jesus’ words. So he gets a friend Sam and they […]

Jake Hamilton/ Sean Feucht

Those are two of my favourite worship leaders. They also happen to be incredible speakers as I found out this week. Check out Fire and Fragrance podcast for Sean Feucht and Awaken podcast for Jake Hamilton Very different speaking styles but their messages really rocked me to the core. I just really want to live […]

Risky Business

I’ve had a lot to think about today. This afternoon after lunch I listened to a message by Sean Feucht on the Fire and Fragrance podcast. I think it’s just called “Sean Feucht: Day 1” on that podcast if you look through the titles. It really rocked me. Sean basically tells his story of growing […]

What does God think of you?

“You live out what you think the most important person to you thinks of you” Kris Vallatton (I’m probably butchering the quote but that’s the gist) This is one of those times when I am going to write something that I really need to hear and live out. I love to hear what people think […]

Reading in order to enjoy life more?

Lately I have been reading a lot. Especially as my body is recovering from surgery I have time where I can’t move much and just can pretty much eat, read, pray and play mandolin. Not a bad existence :). But I have been reading this book today Human Accomplishment It’s been really interesting, chronicling human […]


Yesterday I had to go in for surgery. I had a cyst and they removed it. I got to get a spinal anaesthetic which was pretty fun. It paralyzed the whole lower half of my body. It was just like getting my mouth frozen at the dentist except with my legs. So as they were […]

On Writing

I just read Stephen King’s book “On Writing” recently. It was really good, part biography, and half simple how-to on how to write good books. He said a lot of memorable things but one was to write the kind of book that you love to read. He always loves horror and crazy situations happening kind […]

The Honey Run

There once was a tinker a stinker of sorts he loved to tinker around and make up new sports once while running with honey in his hand he had an idea greater than all in the land you take honey from a hive and run for your life but nothing to defend with not even […]

Following God is totally Hardcore

Today is friday, a feeling fly day, but why do they, sigh today? Saturday or Sunday or maybe even monday will fill us with hope provided we aint strung out on dope but we can cope with the “nope” of the naysayer and the mellow of John Mayer we can rise with burning eyes to […]

Running for my life

A journey from the outwardly exciting to the inwardly exciting.