Today is friday, a feeling fly day, but why do they, sigh today?

Saturday or Sunday or maybe even monday will fill us with hope provided we aint strung out on dope but we can cope with the “nope” of the naysayer and the mellow of John Mayer we can rise with burning eyes to break ties and be wise and give high-fives

we are the men and women leaving the past behind because it’s time to remind ourselves to put the past on the shelves and delve into possibilities look at our abilities and seize the day to live for the month of may the time of new growth, new hope and first one who lived again died for our sin, made us new, not lose but win, a freaking new heart that’s free from sin made of flesh not tin. So tell the scarecrow, toto and the lion that they best stop trying, we aint in Kansas no more but in a land with no dyin’. Heavenly reality is coming to earth your will not mine began with new birth, Jesus died to show us our worth, even for colin firth, to decrease our girth to the point of old passing away to make room for baby birth we moved from sadness to mirth. From death to life, and now itty bitty shadows don’t scare us in the night. We went from peasant to a knight in spiritual war, we were built for this even down to our core. So brace yourself for more cause’ following God is totally Hardcore!!

Haha, so that’s my first attempt in awhile at freestyle, just whatever came to my mind. I want to practice and get good someday :). Even though I’m about the whitest guy out there. Have a great weekend!