Some New Songs

Here are a few more songs I’ve recorded recently. The first is “In a Sweater Poorly Knit” a cover of a great MeWithoutYou song. While doing an assignment I listened to it on repeat like 30 times and some of the words really got into my heart. Especially the last lines “I do not exist, […]

Caring Hearts Camp

This weekend I was a leader with caring hearts camp. Here is their video from last year It was a really amazing experience. The kids there have been through so much pain, so many difficult things. I don’t even think I knew that some of these situations even really existed. But they have so much […]

Saving the World

A few weeks ago I watched a movie on Netflix that astounded me. It was called “Think Global, Act Rural”. They go through the beginning of modern pesticides and herbicides and trace it back to after WW2 they had all of these surplus deadly chemicals that they didn’t know what to do with. It began […]

A Trip down Memory Lane

I was just reminiscing a little bit today and watching some old videos and thought I would share some. Almost two years ago today (in 9 days) I went to training camp for the world race. It was an experience that greatly shaped my life. Before going my friends and I made a fun video […]

I just watched Source Code: It’s time to live

I just got back from watching Source Code. Everything was just pretty average for a Hollywood movie. But there was one thing that shook me and really helped to reevaluate my life. In the story I don’t want to much away but he has little time to live and he has to make the most […]

Was killing Osama Courageous?

I realize I haven’t been on here for months. It’s not for lack of things to say. Just it’s weird when I get out of the habit of blogging it’s hard to get back in. I commented today on a friends wall post applauding the courage of the soldiers took out Osama. It made me […]