I realize I haven’t been on here for months. It’s not for lack of things to say. Just it’s weird when I get out of the habit of blogging it’s hard to get back in. I commented today on a friends wall post applauding the courage of the soldiers took out Osama. It made me think a bit and here’s what I said

“I would agree that it’s more important to celebrate courage than death. However as a pacifist isn’t killing someone the cowards way out? It’s shutting them down instead of the risky and slow process of dealing with the hate in their heart. What about if they captured Osama and actually listened to him and dealt with some of their brutal foreign policy that caused such pain and hatred in the middle east?

Or even more radical what about if Christians went there with no guns or malice simply to love Osama and his compatriots. Do we really believe that good overcomes evil and that love never fails? To me that would be the definition of courage.”

Also I realize that it’s super easy for me to sit in an armchair and speculate while perfectly safe from terrorism. I have never done any courageous acts of the sort and so don’t quite have a right to speak this way and so easily minimalize the sacrifice of those soldiers without living out a better way. It’s an area I am working on in my life.