I just got back from watching Source Code. Everything was just pretty average for a Hollywood movie. But there was one thing that shook me and really helped to reevaluate my life. In the story I don’t want to much away but he has little time to live and he has to make the most of the last 8 minutes of his life and the things he does are just incredible. From reconciling and comforting his father to kissing the girl he loves and helping make the whole train of passengers laugh and giving all his money away. It was a really powerful reminder that our time here is limited. We might have more than 8 minutes but every minute is still just as precious.

I don’t want to waste another day on facebook or another hour putting off what I most want to do. I have all these adventures in the back of my head and a gigantic bucket list rolling around there somewhere. But sometimes the small things, the comments I wish that I said I hold back out of fear. I hold back from the acts of courage that could really make a difference. The status quo is far easier.

The movie just opened my eyes again to how much possibility there is in each moment if we will just take a few risks. I want to have a life similar to Peter the disciple who loved greatly and jumped off the boat before he really had any idea of what he was doing. I want to have a wikipedia entry written about me before I die because at least I want to do something great or unique. But more than fame or anything else is taking a risk to make someone else smile. Talking to the stranger, cheering up the lonely, being there continually for those that are losing grip of their hope.

It’s really entirely cliché but this life is too short to waste. Tell the girl you love her, quit your job and follow your dreams or even start doing your job as if it was your dream job, put everything you have into it and grow to love everyone around you so much it hurts. Learn to be vulnerable, to live knowing you’re worthy of love and respect as are those around you.

I drove back tonight knowing that I want to get back into blogging. Not so much because I want to keep people updated or have people value what I have to say. But because thoughts build on themselves, sometimes our ideas only become great as we mull them over and talk about them and ruminate on them. I want to learn how to write because I would love to write a book someday. I would love to encourage others, and share any of the things I’ve learned and even sometimes with my own problems as soon as I talk about them the answer becomes clear.

What movies have influenced your life? Watching the new Star Trek movie in Kenya also had a really big impact on my life.