7 years and still counting

   7th year and still counting…… it’s amazing to see how 4 of us transformed and grew in the Lord as the time passed. I love this tradition of taking a photo every Christmas. It is a great way to celebrate friendship and to remain grateful for what God has done in our lives :). […]


   The Chinese Betrothal Ceremony ^_^ 贺先生到陈家过大礼!给聘金、送聘礼、派喜饼 😀 谢谢姑姑婶婶堂表弟妹们的鼎力相助!

Pals in Pekan Nanas

   We finally made it Pekan Nanas, Jetaime’s hometown!! After leaving Regina on Saturday and arriving here early morning Tuesday it felt great to unpack. Jetaime’s mom made us a really tasty lunch, and we kept eating many plates of it. I taught Rob and Ryan how to say “好吃“ or “tastes good” in Chinese […]

Arrived safely!

   After more than 20 hours of travelling with flight and bus, we have finally arrived in Johor, and are having McDonald’s breakfast + Roti Telur as a wedding shower! Ryan Munchinsky is joining us too, woohoo!

Last day in Canada

   Our last day in Canada (and our two year anniversary of dating!!) I am so blessed by the friends around me. Everything was pretty rushed today as we got all packed up for a varied 4 month honeymoon, 3 more weddings, and worked out a lot of last minute details. But Lyn Luu came […]


Banff with my babe

   We had a lovely day hiking through Banff National Park. I really wanted the Malaysians to see some wildlife and so I prayed that we could see lots. God sure answered our prayers! On our first hike near the town of Banff we saw a herd of 33 elk/caribou/deer (I’m not that good at […]

Ready for the summer!

  Happy 2 year anniversary to my favourite guy 🙂 Today we said goodbye to my dear brother Bong Yang, jumped in Lyndon’s car to go to the airport and boarded on a plane from Regina to Vancouver. It’s been almost a month in Canada and I really like this homeland of my husband. I […]

Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas!!! (Regina time 11.59pm) We made it safe to Regina after 10 hours on the road (shout out to David Hepting, our amazing driver!!!) Love our time in Banff! Hiking, eating, hiking again, eating again… haha, we went to a local church’s Christmas candle light service too, my very first time 🙂 Last […]

Married, and with Malaysians

Day 2 of our honeymoon. The couple, David and Jetaime, are alone at last on their honeymoon. Except for being joined by their amazing friends Catherine Ong and Bong Yang! They have a lovely meal at Melissa’s Missteak House in Banff. Then check in, and go over to the Banff Hot Springs. Everyone ends up […]