Our last day in Canada (and our two year anniversary of dating!!)

I am so blessed by the friends around me. Everything was pretty rushed today as we got all packed up for a varied 4 month honeymoon, 3 more weddings, and worked out a lot of last minute details. But Lyn Luu came over with an amazing Korean lunch for all of us, Catherine Ong serenaded us on the piano as we packed, and Bong Yang helped us find our marriage certificate when we forgot it! 

Jetaime is funnier, cuter, and sweeter everyday. We have a lot of miscommunications and we still hurt each other often, but she has so much patience and grace with me. It’s so fun to laugh and get excited about stir-fry, soup, and being able to watch movies on the plane :). Life is filled with unexpected blessings. Half-way through the flight to Vancouver a certain Rob Gosselin came back to our section of the plane!! We didn’t realize we were on the same flight and it was such a delightful reunion :). We all had a meal at the airport and then made our way to the house of a friend of a friend who have graciously hosted us for the night and will take us to the airport in the morning. It was also interesting to be completely the minority in this part of Vancouver. I only noticed 2-4 other white people and a few hundred of Chinese ancestry. I’m glad to be part of such a diverse country :). 

Can’t wait for the heat, tasty food, and unexpected joys of Malaysia!! 🙂