Happy 2 year anniversary to my favourite guy 🙂

Today we said goodbye to my dear brother Bong Yang, jumped in Lyndon’s car to go to the airport and boarded on a plane from Regina to Vancouver. It’s been almost a month in Canada and I really like this homeland of my husband. I love the beauty of nature and the friendliness in the community. We are now staying in a couple’s place whom we barely know, but they have been so kind to host us for a night and offer to drive us to the airport tomorrow morning for our next flight to Shanghai and then head back to Malaysia 🙂

Look at David Hepting, he is all dressed up for the warm weather in South East Asia! I have to keep myself calm every time when people walk pass and stare at his shorts and his unique footwear: socks+sandals. Oh yes, he is weird but I still like him 😉