We had a lovely day hiking through Banff National Park. I really wanted the Malaysians to see some wildlife and so I prayed that we could see lots. God sure answered our prayers! On our first hike near the town of Banff we saw a herd of 33 elk/caribou/deer (I’m not that good at distinguishing them, but many of them had big antlers). I ran stealthily and got within 30 feet of the herd before they ran away. Then later, we hiked up tunnel mountain and at the top were three beautiful elk just hanging out about 8 feet away from us! We got some great photos and loved just watching them eat from the trees. 

I love nature, and I am so glad Jetaime really enjoys it too. At a restaurant yesterday we read the quote “He is richest, who’s joys are cheapest” and I think it was by Thoreau. There is so much beauty around us, and I’m so thankful for the beautiful day that we got to have.