We finally made it Pekan Nanas, Jetaime’s hometown!! After leaving Regina on Saturday and arriving here early morning Tuesday it felt great to unpack. Jetaime’s mom made us a really tasty lunch, and we kept eating many plates of it. I taught Rob and Ryan how to say “好吃“ or “tastes good” in Chinese :). Jetaime’s Dad then brought us to a palm tree field much like his own and described the whole history of the area, the life cycle of the trees, and some of the struggles and joys of being a palm fruit farmer. It was fascinating. 

After lunch Rob, who was once the 6th best in Canada at chess for his age, played against Jetaime’s cousin Lance. Rob was jet-lagged but played with all his heart and they ended up in a total tie game. Ryan and I also learned Chinese Chess, it was really fun, but will definitely take a bit longer to get the hang of. 

Then we went to the southernmost tip of mainland Asia, and after that to a neat little Chinese fishing village. We got to take a boat tour of the place, pet a baby shark, and finish it off with a wonderful seafood meal. Which would have cost $70-80 in Canada but only cost half as much here. I’m so thankful for Rob and Ryan and all the other friends who are joining us for our wedding in Malaysia, and also for my beautiful and super-organized wife Jetaime. The adventure continues. Tomorrow we will likely climb a hill, and pass out wedding cakes, pork, and other things to relatives as part of the Chinese Betrothal ceremony invitations! 

I love watching our two cultures come together in honour, excitement and respect. Through our relationship and times like this I have realized many times that my way is not always the best way and there is such a beauty and unique vision of the world in the way other cultures do things. I have felt so welcomed by her family and can’t wait for this Chinese marriage ceremony in her hometown.