I was just reminiscing a little bit today and watching some old videos and thought I would share some. Almost two years ago today (in 9 days) I went to training camp for the world race. It was an experience that greatly shaped my life. Before going my friends and I made a fun video song

David Grew Up

Then training camp for the world race was one of the funnest and most powerful experiences of my life. The presence of God poured out during worship, we did a treasure hunt that was one of the craziest of my whole life. God gave us like 40 clues and I think at least 35 we found specifically in amazing ways. We did a grief journal which helped me so much to understand how painful events in my past affected my present in so many ways and held me back. The guys had a bonding time where we did a super difficult physical challenge and it really brought us together. Here is the video of the team Joholo that I got put together with. Still some of my favourite people in the whole world. They encouraged me so much and I always felt like I was capable of anything when I was around them. Also so funny, and adventurous.

joholo… that just happened. from Grant Tarjick on Vimeo.