There once was a tinker
a stinker of sorts
he loved to tinker around
and make up new sports
once while running with honey in his hand
he had an idea greater than all in the land
you take honey from a hive and run for your life
but nothing to defend with not even a knife
this became sport and quite the good show
of the popular sort I’ll have you know
many came to watch the brave and the bold
run at the hive to grab honey to hold
Higginson Hopkins was cearly the best
and also he wore a plaid flannel vest
He had a great rival called hopscotch with a very hairy chest
They decided to dual honey race to see who was the best
Higginson ran for the honey like a man possessed
but hopscotch ambled like a man finely dressed
Higginson grabbed some, his face filled with pride
the space between him and Hopscotch was wide

But then he got stung, had anaphylactic shock and died

That was a poem I just wrote today in honour of Leize, who got a spam email from my email address which was hacked somehow. As well as everybody else in my address book. Sorry guys!