I just read Stephen King’s book “On Writing” recently. It was really good, part biography, and half simple how-to on how to write good books. He said a lot of memorable things but one was to write the kind of book that you love to read. He always loves horror and crazy situations happening kind of books so that’s what he writes.

I thought about what kind of books are my favourite and I realized it was biographies. Books of stories about fascinating people who did great things. So that gives me a few options I could write epic tales I love like the silmarillion. I could learn to be a listener and find out about the amazing stories of the people around me. Or I could do things out of the ordinary and radical to live a fascinating life that I could write about. I think I might do them all :).

The book I am reading right now is called “The know it all” by AJ Jacobs. He is trying to read through the entire Encyclopedia Britannica in a year. It is so funny and disarming. His humour is often making fun of himself and his own ego. He also wrote “The year of living biblically” where he tried to obey every command of the bible for an entire year. I think human experiments like that are fascinating and so much fun to read about. I was also thinking about what kind I would like to do. I love running so I thought about foregoing cars for a year, just using trains or planes for long distances and running everywhere else. Or maybe never saying “no” to a genuine need or opportunity for adventure. I’m not sure, any ideas?

It reminds me of my favourite Benjamin Franklin quotes

If when you are dead and rotten
you would not be forgotten
either write something worth the reading
or do something worth the writing