I’m at an interesting place in life right now. For the past four years everything was crazy, the world race made life filled with new experiences and adventure everyday. Fire school of ministry was constantly new experiences, new encounters with God. Crazy healings on the streets sometimes, and prophetic experiences. Now I’m thinking about getting a bachelor of education degree from the University of Regina while living with my parents in the house I grew up in… Boring!!

Haha, it’s such a change of pace and yet I feel that I’m ready. There’s still many adventures left to find hidden in ordinary and unexpected places. I think I’m ready for the smaller challenges. Living consistently, daily seeking God’s grace and power. Learning how to live with all my heart in everything I do, even the mundane. I want to join the cross-country team which could be really exciting. Before I start in January I want to visit as many world racers as I can. So these next few weeks are a time of transition and preparation. I can’t wait to see what comes next.