Those are two of my favourite worship leaders. They also happen to be incredible speakers as I found out this week. Check out

Fire and Fragrance podcast for Sean Feucht
Awaken podcast for Jake Hamilton

Very different speaking styles but their messages really rocked me to the core. I just really want to live on that dangerous edge of the faith-filled lifestyle. Also, to be so still and attentive to God’s voice. I want to meditate daily and soak in God’s word until it oozes out of me and I live it. I want to be a worshipper.

This week I am back at work at the warehouse that I worked at for seven months before the world race. It is a great work environment. Although some people have a bit of a critical outlook on life. Others don’t and even those that do just spur me on to be filled with more joy and hope. They really care a lot. When I was planning on going on the world race, without me saying anything they did a big bake sale for me and held a raffle and raised a lot of money for my trip. When I came back to visit they all wanted me to come back and work there. It was so welcoming and good to be with them again.

Today I have practiced being still and listening for God. It’s so amazing. It’s really difficult to stay focused but as I was working I would still my heart, all the thoughts going on and look to God. Sometimes he would speak and sometimes not, but always I would begin to feel His presence stronger and it just changed my whole mood. By the end of the day I felt great :), ready to take on the world. There’s something about simply just spending time with God with no agenda that changes everything. I want to live in that reality. To be God’s friend and hang out with Him a lot.