a seed falls                 to the ground and dies
a man sets his wife in the ground and cries
the seed sprouts                     thirsty for change
the man asks friends for help which in itself is strange

can light break                            bonds of dirt and grime
can hope break through the pain of being hurt another time?
a blade of green        bursts through the crackling crust
he wishes she was here, to reteach him how to trust

first bud                  opens up a leafy straw
can cataracts reflect on what they hardly even saw?
soon stem       begins to strengthen itself
old man recollects re(se)eding sight and health

green grows best with rest and openness
caring for a son, he’s lost, he does confess

                             that love is frail.

bark begins to form a frame it takes its shape
sunken skin, hair down the drain, he’s losing weight

he makes up for lost time by sharing his hope
he tries to tell his son               every silly joke
the bud becomes a twig       twig becomes an arm
he tries to be a shelter      protecting him from harm

seed set in time becomes a too tall tree
set against the house it is a sight to see
its brea(d)th reaches wide and shares its shade with the son
the man sets down his spade and knows his time has come

the friendship of a son who knows his dad is frail
the falling of a twig completes his toy boats sail
they sit on a swing swung from the too tall tree
they laugh and somehow know it’s their last memory