An amazing thing about kids and toddlers especially is their lack of pretense. What you see is what you get, if they are feeling something they will express it. Often with Anna, that means crying or curiosity, but every once in awhile she shows us the most beautiful smile and our world stops for a moment. Today I was feeling a bit down for whatever reason and Anna looked at me for awhile and then gave the biggest smile I have ever seen from her and I started crying a bit. It was just so affirming and encouraging. She is happy and that is enough.
Her life is pretty simple, her needs and emotions are pretty straightforward, and I think we could learn a lot from her and babies in general: Seek out hugs and cuddles, seek the best organic food 😉, sleep all you need, be honest with your emotions with the people around you it makes your smiles that much more precious and your tears a powerful expression, make your needs known because the people who care about you want to help meet them, and enjoy the simple life. Anna does not notice how fancy or pretty her clothes are, or how expensive the toy, she just lives her life unconcerned with material things, but always wants to be as close as possible to the people who love her. I have certainly learned a thing or two from her priorities and way of life and maybe others can as well 😉.
P.S. In this picture she is trying out to be one of the shepherds watching their flocks at night 😉