“True happiness is shared” Leo Tolstoy

After a restful morning, we set out on a hike of the foggy forest. Troji, our hostel host, took us about 20 minutes drive of wild, bumpy, curvy roads as we sat in the bed of his truck. I don’t think it’s possible to truly experience a country without, at one point, riding through its corners and curves in the back of a truck. 

We hiked for about 2 and a half hours before we made it back. It was over muddy paths, twisted roots and sunken rocks. When Steven asked how far do you think we went? I expected 3 kilometres, but it turned out we had only gone 0.8 miles! We met Zack and Sarah an awesome couple from Ontario and they joined us too. It took us about 20 minutes afterwards to get all the mud off, but I think Tolstoy was right that true happiness is found in these shared experiences together. In leaving your comfort zone and finding something difficult and wonderful that awaits.