Oh man, what a night! Haha, I’ve often told Jetaime how great and wonderful camping is, but last night was our very first time camping together. It wasn’t quite as wonderful as I had hoped for an introduction to camping. We stayed at the beautiful Pulau Ubin island off the coast of Singapore. 

We are both pretty minimalist when it comes to gear but we still ended up carrying a ton of weight. All the way through customs, on buses, bum boats, and the light rail and for about a kilometre on the island. We left at ten am and arrived at 3pm and we were both extremely hot and exhausted. 

To save a lot of weight I brought my tarp tent which only weighs 17 ounces or about 1 pound! But it sacrifices having a floor, poles, ventilation etc. to achieve that. So we ended up with a wobbly greenhouse/sauna that had an open door for all ants who bite and their mosquitoe cousins. It was hilariously difficult to sleep. We would awake to being bitten all over and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

Finally, at about 3am we abandoned the tent and I slept in a bivy sack in the Center of the grass and Jetaime slept in her hammock with a built in bug net. It was very hot, but there were almost no bugs! I should also add there were 70 high school students camping close by, who talked loudly until 3am and managed to wake up early and talk loudly agin! :). 

So that was difficult, but everything else was awesome. We got to watch the sun rise and set over the water, we explored part of the island by skateboard, I taught Jetaime how to cook with a minimalist alcohol fuel stove, and we ate some wonderful Thai noodles, mee goreng, and I made a nice pot of coffee for breakfast. Can’t wait for next time!