Wow. I am blown away by all the friends and family who came yesterday to celebrate with us. Some came from so far away and we are just so honoured by all the support, love, and generosity. The whole evening was perfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing if I could. The presence of God and love was so evident during the ceremony and worship. We’ll be writing personal thank you notes too, but for now I just want to express my deep gratitude for everyone for believing in us, loving us, and helping us be greater than we could ever be on our own.

It was a long journey, and definitely difficult many times, but totally worth it. We are so happy to finally be together and never have to separate again!

Last night Steven and Camille gave us a night at the Hotel Sask. It was wonderful, awkward, and hilarious. I remember one of my professors saying this semester that “nobody is a virgin when they get married anymore”, but we were and we’re so thankful that we waited. Love is worth sacrifice and anticipation.

Today we head to Banff with Bong Yang and Catherine Ong. I’m excited to show them more of Canada’s beauty than just Regina ;). Then we head off to our three weddings in Malaysia. We are so blessed, so thankful, and so excited for all that our future has in store.

Merry Christmas and may the Force be with you!! 😉