This is us after we braved a wet journey through the rapids of Jurassic Park!

We barely made it out with our lives. It was quite the day. In the morning we helped transport the Allspark away from the decepticons. We trapped Imhotep and broke his curse, then learned about jobs from the Sesame Street gang. Later in the day I helped a squadron of 16 fresh recruits fight the Cylons somehow by riding a roller coaster. Haha, I’m always glad to do my part to save the world! 

But seriously, we were so blessed by Jetaime’s cousin Sning Wong and her husband Lim Ming Fei. As a really fun and generous wedding gift they took us out to Universal Studios and then to a succulent buffet afterwards. It was way better than I expected and brought back a lot of memories of some of my favourite movies. Ming Fei also works for a glasses company and he was able to do an incredible job fixing my glasses with nothing but a paperclip! Next we have two days in Malaysia and then on to Thailand!!