Have you ever had a desire in your heart and didn’t even prayer for it, but God answered the desire anyways?

A few days ago we were going over the best things to do in Singapore. Most of them were super expensive but didn’t stand out as something we really felt we needed to do. However, when I saw the zoo and the description of it, it sounded awesome! But when I saw it cost $32 I thought “Ah, that’s too bad that would have been really fun to do if we could afford it.” 

Fast forward to that evening and we were hanging out at the Kingdom Invasion conference with Jetaime’s great friend Dorcas and her sister and boyfriend. Dorcas’ sister asks us “Hey, would you guys like to go to the zoo? My workplace provides me with tickets that I can take a few people there.” I was blown away and so excited! Not just to see the zoo, but that God had heard exactly my conversation that morning and was was delighting to give me the desires of my heart. he’s so good! So is Dorcas’ sister! Haha 😉

So today we went and had a really wonderful time. They are such a fun group to hang out with. I saw quite a few animals I had never seen before and we just enjoyed being together. They also took us out to dinner afterwards. I’m so blessed by them and by God for his great kindness. Tomorrow we go to Joseph Princes church and pretty soon we head to Bangkok on my birthday. We keep inviting people to Canada and hopefully we can be hospitable and learn from all the great hospitality we have received so far.