Jetaime and I had a much more successful go at camping the second time! Well, almost… 

As you can see our camping set up felt slightly inferior to these massive nylon mansions all around us. Some people brought bike racks and clothes lines and barbecues all for a few days of camping. But I still felt good that my tent weighs only 1 pound and only uses 1 pole which is also my hiking stick. 

We didn’t experience any mosquitoes or ants! That was an awesome improvement, but right after saying that I did notice a rat crawling around the campsites looking for food. As we were sleeping with an open tent to feel the breeze it was a bit disconcerting. 

Then the morning came. Our verse for the morning turned out to be the verse from James “Count it all joy when you face trials of many kinds… ” Haha, we needed to be at new creation church by 8:30am and better if its earlier. We got up at 6:30am and realized we stink and needed a quick shower. We grab one and pack up quick, but we realize it wasn’t quick enough and we are running late. We wait for a bus only to realize no bus will come until 10am. 

The nearest train station is 2km away and so I run the whole way there pulling Jetaime on my skateboard. I was sweating buckets at this point and when I get there my glasses break in two!! We are super rushed and so I just laugh and we keep going on. Halfway to the church Jetaime gets a really serious look in my eyes and pulls me off the train. She had forgot her wedding and engagement rings in the bathroom! So we cancel our plans and go all the way back to the park.

She found her sterling silver engagement ring, and this wooden cross/heart necklace I had got for her before ever meeting her when I was in Montreal. But the two rings, including her wedding ring, which looked like they were made of gold were gone. Unfortunately for the thief they were both simple metal rings coloured like gold and rose gold. I had just been reading Jesus words “If someone takes your tunic, give him your cloak as well”. So I was almost inclined to find the thief and give them our other rings too! But it was really sad that though we can replace the rings they won’t be the ones we pledged our love with. 

After all that we were completely exhausted: physically and emotionally. But I also felt joy. I realized that the important thing isn’t the symbol of our love, it is our love itself. And there is no thief on earth that can take that from us if we don’t let them. We have put our treasure where moth and rust cannot destroy.