Today was really fun! Jetaime and I had some big disagreements, but through that we got to know each other a little bit better and hopefully in the future we can understand each other more. The main thing that stood out though was the opportunity to make a few people’s days just a little bit brighter.

I had wanted to finally use my guitar a bit more and sing worship songs on the grass with Jetaime. On the way to a cafe we found a nice spot and so I pulled my guitar out and we asked an older Chinese man if it was okay if we played a few songs and he smiled and said and nodded that it would be fine. So we sang together and it was really fun. It soon started pouring rain so we got some shelter in this area that was still pretty wide open.

This time there was another older Chinese man and he smiled too and said it would be ok if we played. As the rain tickled the streets we sang of the goodness of God. Later we started talking to the man and found out his name was Ahket (or something similar to that). He was really kind and exuded a gentle peace. He had gone for a walk and decided to simply sit down for awhile. We were the fourth person or group of people to spend some time talking to him. He told us about his four kids who were all still in Singapore and how proud he was of them. After talking for a bit we blessed him, thanked him for his time and asked if we could grab a quick picture and he said “yes”.

A couple minutes later we are heading to the cafe and we see a beautiful lady named Grace who had quite a few disabilities, but she didn’t let anything get her down. We were able to help her up the steps, show her where the bus stop is and wait awhile with her and talk. She was such an overcomer and had such a positive spirit, it was really encouraging. It’s good getting to know people from different walks in life, and also society has become so fiercely independent that it is almost rare to be able to help someone In a tangible way like being a shoulder someone can rely on.

Within moments of saying goodbye to Grace we meet an older blind lady named Ismah trying to cross the street. It was such an honour to be able to be her eyes for a few moments as we crossed with her. She thanked us and headed off to her apartment.

One of our goals on this honeymoon has been to live on $10 a day combined total for both of us for food each day and as little as possible on transportation and lodging. We could never do it on our own and just as we were able to help and encourage a few people today, there have been so many people who have helped and encouraged us. I love interdependence and how it builds community and friendship.

Anyways, that is one of the best parts of this trip so far. Can’t wait for what comes next!