Jetaime and I have been going to the free night sessions at Kingdom Invasion Singapore this week. Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Randy Clark, Mahesh Chavda, and Lou Engle are the speakers. The presence of God has been so sweet and gentle in this place. 

Tonight, a couple hundred people were healed, many of very serious illnesses and health issues. One lady had had tuberculosis and/or at least its repercussions since she was nine years old. She couldn’t walk normal speed or any physical exertion since then, but tonight she was powerfully healed and was running across the stage celebrating the grace of God!!!

If any of you reading this want prayer for healing, Jetaime and I would love to take some time this week and next to pray for you. God loves you and even if you aren’t healed that will never change. But he loves to heal too and we want to just bring those needs to him in prayer. You can send us a Facebook message or just reply in the comments. Love you guys!