Welcome to my new online home. I’ve thought about getting my own blog with a cool URL for a long time now and it has finally begun. Here are some of the things I’m thinking about doing to keep creativity flowing and help me develop any writing skills that I have. Just to keep a general assignment for myself to begin to learn how to express myself more naturally and creatively.

Freestyle Friday (I will try to freestyle either a poem or a rap either typing or on video)

Supernatural Saturday (Praise report for all the things God did during the week)

Tell a story Tuesday (I really want to explore the power of story and figure out how to write great stories and so these might be true stories or I will practise writing stories of fiction here as well)

Thought for Thursday (This might be something that I have been learning recently or else it could be simply a short quote or thing to think upon. )

Sing a song Sunday

If you have any ideas let me know. This will have small beginnings but hopefully someday be a launching pad for something which is greater. Thank you for reading.