Anna is now just a little over 3 months old. She is well over double the weight she came home from the hospital as. It is such an amazing thing to watch. It feels almost like a time lapse movie because it is happening so fast. We know she won’t always want to snuggle this much or just hang out with her parents 24/7 and so we are treasuring these beautiful moments. Even celebrating the poop and the pee because it’s a sign she is drinking lots and growing well 😉. Sometimes I wish I could slow down time and just revel in this moment of life, other times I wish I could fast forward a few more years to when we can have full conversations and hear what she has to say.
Our school is back to online this week and it has actually been really nice to get a bit more time with Jetaime and Anna. Today, we finally got all the documents for Anna’s Canadian passport and so in just a couple months I get to introduce her to my homeland, to sights and people she has never met before but who are very dear to me.
Happy 3 months Anna!