Hey guys,

Things have been very busy with working full-time, applying for university and visiting Ohio for the weeked. So I haven’t posted much lately. I just wanted to share a really quick cool story about God being in control and providing for me.

Joholo, the team that I travelled around the world with for 3 months had a reunion this last weekend. So I drove to Minot, took the train to Ohio, got left at the amtrak station for a few hours by accident/miscommunication then made it to the reunion. Had a fantastic time, saw some of my favourite people in the world. They always believe in me and are so encouraging and even laugh at my jokes :). It was such a huge blessing. We went skating, shared presents, the guys went swimming in a freezing pond at 1am. So much fun and laughter.

A cool part of the story happened on my way home. I was flying home and so I would land at the airport in Minot and have to get to the train station to get to my car. I didn’t really have enough for a taxi and was getting ready to tough it out and just run the couple miles to my car in the cold. But I sit down on my second flight and introduce myself to the man next to me

Hi I’m David

Oh, hi I’m David too! šŸ™‚

Oh cool, where are you from (I noticed he had a familiar accent)

I’m from Kenya.

No way! I just spent two months in Kenya last year.

Then we proceeded to talk about Kenya, God, running, and life in general. He was an amazing guy, came to america for university, used to run like 30 miles a day to school and back. Then he asked “How are you getting to your car?” I said I might take a taxi or run and then he offered to drive me there. So amazing, first that he would ask that question and second that he would offer. I appreciated it so much and knew that I had just been a part of a plan by Jehovah sneeky. I loved it. I got to the car all right and made it back safely, although many adventures on the way there and back happened but I don’t have time to tell. Let’s just sum it up with: crazy interrogation, foxes, deer, falling asleep on the side of the road, angry early gas station attendants and almost no visibility.

Thanks God, for a great trip šŸ™‚