A few weeks ago we had a wedding celebration with Jetaime’s students. Jetaime and her friends had been planning this for months and it really showed. The whole event was so fun and the biggest thing was that we really wanted each student to have an encounter with God.  In the morning I got to lead worship with an awesome team from her church. Everybody was laughing and into it.

Then later in the day after lunch, we had a time where students could receive prayer, prophecy, prophetic drawings and just talk to any of the caring people from her church. I got to pray for some boys and I’m pretty sure one of the boy’s legs grew out although not the whole way. But overall it was just fun talking with them and praying for them.

Later, after Jetaime shared with all the students, her friends prayed for the students and I got to sing worship songs in the background. It was so powerful for me to watch these kids, some of them for the very first time, experiencing God’s presence and realizing that He loves them. I could feel God in a really powerful way in the room and knew that he was honoured by all these hearts hungry for him gathering in one place.

I’m so proud of Jetaime. I saw that God has made her a beautiful and mighty evangelist, and God reminded me that he made me with gifts too that I can use for his kingdom. It was a really powerful day and I was so glad to meet so many of her students and share this day with them.