Along with about 1 million other people, I received an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. It is probably my favourite present since getting a guitar for Christmas when I was 17. I have found since receiving it that I am reading regular books about the same but also reading far more kindle books than regular books. Here are some of the best books I have read in the last few months

The Papa Prayer: By Larry Crabb

This is one of the best books on prayer I have ever read. He takes it from a wish list to a completely relational dynamic. Beautiful thoughts.

A Severe Mercy

I am just about finished this book. My sister-in-law and brother gave it to me for my birthday and I really love it. One of the most uniquely in-love couples I have ever read about. They really fought against any kind of separateness that could creep in. He was a good friend of C.S. Lewis who helped lead him to receive salvation. Really Really beautiful story. I love the Christianity he represents intellectual, passionate, wine-enjoying, humorous, poetic, natural and deeply savouring life.

Mystical Union: John Crowder

This book is unexpected, controversial, funny, powerful and very liberating. It probably goes against almost everything you’ve heard growing up in church about grace and sin. If you want to live a holy life you absolutely have to grapple with these empowering truths.

Princess and the Goblin

A really charming fairy tale. At times a powerful allegory for following God and living as a true prince and princess would, but it’s not cheesy. You have to read it to find out, but I really liked it.

Marcus Aurelius: Meditations

This is a really interesting book, coming from a roman emperor who was responsible for wicked persecution of thousands of Christians. He was the emperor in the Gladiator movie with Russell Crowe. But he does have some profound and deep insights on life and virtue. Very interesting.

Man’s Search for Meaning: Victor Frankl

“If a man has a why, he can endure almost any how” Neitzche. This is a book written by a psychiatrist who survived the holocaust in a concentration camp. He saw how if someone had meaning, they needed to survive for a loved one, their work had purpose they could endure anything. Very interesting, and strips life down to the most important meanings we can live for.

365 Thank You’s

One of my unexpected favourite books of the last few months. This is an incredible story of a simple new years resolution. This guy was overweight, in huge debt, twice divorced, girlfriend just broke up with him, alienating his two sons and depressed. He just made a new years resolution to write a thank you card every day and it began changing everything. He became happier as he focused on all the things he was thankful for, clients started paying his business back as he thanked them for what they had paid for already. He thanked the starbucks guy for remembering his name. I have started writing thank you’s a lot more. It’s tough, but totally worth it.

The Wisdom of Stability: Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture

This is a really interesting read. When I read Christian books, usually the majority of it is stuff I have heard before and a rare bit here or there is really insightful and good. This book comes from a totally new angle. He basically talks about the importance of just staying in one place. For me, I’ve travelled to around 22 countries been all over the place in the last few years. This book has been a beautiful wake-up call. A call to commitment. To really tough it out with a group of people. I want to take the challenge.