We just had so much fun in my Bio Lab presenting the Saskatchewan Boreal Shield ecoregion. We dressed up like Alice in Wonderland characters mixed with animals from our ecoregion, so we had the cheshire mink, Alice, The Mad Hatter Lumberjack (me), A Black Spruce Tree, A beaver that was late for a very important date, and a wise owl. I wrote this rap about the biodiversity in the region and had a lot of fun with it. I recorded it as a song and also here are the words. Do you think I could make a go of rapping in the niche market of biological rap? 🙂

Well I’m the mad hatter lumberjack! I rhyme like a heart attack I hurt your chest and pain your brain you’re thinking I might be insane. But let me tell you something I’ll keep it real, this forest is…


I confess we’re blessed by this biodiverse nest, now don’t get stressed even if it’s on the lab test, this place aint messed see a owl puff out her chest and if you show interest you can invest, and be impressed by a simple nature quest and you can truly see diversity in fungi and trees, and in the birds and the bees. In poplar pine and the black spruce trees. In conifers, aspen and moss ground cover, birch poplar pine and many many others

lakes, bogs, forest and rock outcroppings
find specific animals just based upon their droppings
Balsam, Jack, and tamarack see a spruce it might be black
friendly deer have got your back but don’t eat shrooms they might be whack
wild rice grows great in fact, piled, stacked, it stays intact
more matter of fact than anywhere else that can be tracked

Check boreal compared to Taiga shield
we got more humans and we got higher yield
The marshes and prairie sloughs can be great can confuse
Check your views on prairie dudes, cause I know that they’re obtuse

Now check the range of animals that we got here
wolf, marten mink man don’t got fear
Birds, ravens owls will watch you in the night, and in the day to day see em play call like a songbird DJ, or blue jay eatin a minnow fish fillet.

Though one fifth the size, bog, and marshes comprise
where the muskeg lies, a sight for sore eyes, causes life to rise, biodiverse and wise,
we got blueberry, rosemary and labrador tea,
sasparilla, goldenrod, and water lilies
pin cherry, paper birch and white birch trees
cottongrass, feathermoss and cranberries

So check it out Alice, you need to explore, you got curious eyes it’s time to find out more
life is all around you if you stop and stare, look an owl’s there! just be aware, and fare, well
I like to rap and tell, it’s been swell, so see ya later as well