Today marks the two-month-old birthday of Anna! One of the surprising things for me about parenthood is just how many hilarious faces kids make. It’s especially delightful with newborns because it’s just purely what they are feeling without artifice or pretense. These pictures are from this afternoon where she was particularly alert and expressive. But there’s usually a window each night after she eats for 15-20 minutes where she just stretches and makes so many different faces, gurgles, grunts and sounds and stretches in all sorts of ways. It’s probably my favourite time of the day.
I also love how fully in the moment she is. Completely forgetting anything that just happened seconds ago if something new catches her attention or she calms down from being upset. I know that we can learn a lot from the past, but man, life is so carefree when stresses of 10 seconds ago can be completely forgotten so easily. We can hold onto things for years: grudges, hurts, and fears. But she shows us daily that, sometimes, it’s ok to move on and just fully embrace the current moment you are in.
The last thing that I have noticed recently is the simple power of trust and affection. The older we get we tend to be more cautious in seeking affection from others and probably for good reason. But there is something so incredible and disarming about her just reaching out her arms for us, or snuggling her head on our chest as she falls asleep. There is no greater feeling. It reminds me that in all our cautiousness around inappropriate touch, we need to remember and celebrate appropriate touch. Especially during this pandemic, I think we all realized how much we really need the simple affectionate warmth of another person.
Anyways, all that to say Happy Two Months on the outside Anna! Thanks for all your faces, and all that you continue to teach me.