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David and Jetaime 贺汀和淑芬

David Benjamin Hepting 大卫·贺汀

David grew up in the Prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has always been pretty content to stay wherever he is, but somehow the adventurous life has found him and he has jumped in. From a young age he felt a nearness to God, a love of nature, and a desire to build close friendships. Many of those friendships have blossomed into lifelong bonds of trust and companionship. His two best friends Rob, and Tim have journeyed with him on countless sleepovers, movies, adventures, and long conversations.


Jetaime Tan Shu Fen 陈淑芬

Jetaime was borned in Pineappletown, in Johor state, Malaysia. She has great expectations for herself and others, she loves to pursue excellence. At the age of 16, she joined student reporters and that expand her life experiences and also granted her a group of great friends. When she came to study in TARC, she got to know God and realized how awesome His kindness is. She worked as a teacher for more than five years and wants to grow from there; she wants to be able to help and meet the needs of this world, bringing people to where the Light is.



Our Love Story 我们的爱情故事

David and Jetaime met in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in August 2013. After only 2 and a half days together a friendship blossomed and bloomed into romantic love.

David met Jetaime three years ago when travelling on an internship with the Christian speaker John Crowder. Jetaime and her friend Josephine had volunteered to drive the team around and somehow David always ended up in Jetaime’s car. At the end of the three days Jetaime offered to drive David to a different airport and over the course of that drive they shared their life stories, their passions, dreams, and fears and it was then that David knew this was a very special girl. They started messaging each other over Facebook and the short emails grew into long messages. The long messages grew into FaceTime and Skype conversations. All of that led into a beautiful, difficult, and miraculous dating relationship about four and a half months later.

They lived 8,800 miles apart, but they felt a love in their heart as a fiery little spark. David and his parents came to Malaysia for the whole month of May a few months later and met Jetaime and her whole family. David’s parents got to meet the wild and loving church that Jetaime is a part of called “World Harvest” and get a taste of the beauty of her culture and country. In November and December Jetaime got a flight to Canada and lived in La Ronge as David finished up his teaching internship up north. She saw the starry skies like never before, went dog sledding, shot some big rifles, saw an ice hockey game, went on walks through forests with freshly fallen snow, ate around a campfire, taught in some Canadian classrooms, and tried cross country skiing for the first time!

A couple weeks later, after celebrating one year of dating, they went to San Francisco to visit David’s brother and sister in law. From there they took a couple days to go and visit Bethel in Redding, California. Bethel is a church whose leaders have had a big impact on both David and Jetaime’s life. It is also a place right in the middle between David’s home and Jetaime’s. They sat outside the house of prayer at the church on some old stones. They overlooked the avenue of the nations and held their feet in the waters of the pool of Siloam. As they sat there, exhausted and cold from a long day of walking and travelling, David told Jetaime all he felt for her, his dream of a difficult but glorious life together with her and asker her to marry Him. She cried for a few minutes, and then said “Yes!!!”.

One year later they were married! First in Regina, Canada and then in Kuala Lumpur, and then twice more in Malaysia for good measure! It was a wonderful time. Hundreds of friends came out to celebrate and rejoice with them. Almost two hundred of Jetaime’s students came out for a service especially for them and God’s presence was there in a powerful way. In Pekan Nenas, her hometown, they got a big tent over the front yard, shut down the street by filling it with tables and chairs for a huge buffet and about 400 people came out to celebrate with the couple.

This is just the start of their journey and they know they are not alone. God has led them, helped them, and blessed them this far. They can only imagine what their future will be like with Him as their guide. Through thick and thin, they will be with him and he with them. This only the beginning … –David





Our Vision 我们的异象

Our vision is Jesus. We want nothing more than to make known his tender kindness and sacrificial love to the whole world. We want to live our lives in the midst and aroma of his sweet presence. We often fail and falter, but it is in those times that we learn more of God’s kindness and abounding grace with us. If nothing else, we want this site to be an expression and somewhat tangible means of relating the tales and times when God’s goodness has touched our lives. So we hope that you are encouraged, blessed and maybe able to connect with us and encourage us too!

Thanks for visiting our online home. We hope you feel very welcome here 🙂