I really love to run.

There’s something so amazing about being able to simmer all emotions and just think and enjoy God’s creation. There’s so many opportunities for unexpected things to happen. As it gets colder and colder it’s harder to spontaneously run. You have to prepare a bit. Check out this video with great tips on how to stay warm

He’s so funny too, I think I watched the video three or four times to really learn all the info. He doesn’t have much for his face, so it must not be too windy where he is. Here are my ten tips.

1. Layers, Layers, Layers: They trap air in between and it’s what really keeps you warm. In the video he recommended a layer for every 20 degrees Farenheit.

2. Wool socks. These are so amazing. Right now my running shoes are just thin leather huaraches. I wear two wool socks for warmth and I can be out for at least a full hour in the cold without my feet getting cold at all. It’s ridiculous how good wool is.

3. Windproofing. I use my rainjacket for my top half but until today I didn’t have anything for my legs to stop the wind and they got really cold. Today I found great windproof shell with polyester liner at Wal-Mart for a great price.

4. Your Nose. How do you keep it warm? I’m still trying to figure it out. I tried putting my scarf folded in half over my nose to protect it from the wind but it’s hard to breath and I look really weird. (although fortunately when the weather is cold enough nobody is outside to see you :).

5. The best hat in the world: The South American Ear flap hat Chullo. I got one in Ireland that was made in Nepal and I wear it everyday. It keeps my ears and head toasty :). Secret Ingredient? 100% Wool.

6. The secret to not getting stinky? It’s not perfect but it helps a lot to be all polyester/spandex or wool. Also anything antimicrobial is great. My grand plan is to run to University every day and back when I start in January and already my main concern is being sweaty and stinky all day.

7. Take your glasses off. I find the metal gets really cold and you don’t really need to see well anyways.

8. Learn to relax and think through all the things you love about running. If you can love running instead of doing it to get in shape or lose weight or win a race you will be a far better runner and enjoy it much more too.

Running in cold is healthy! Breathe through your nose to warm up the air. I read an article that says there is no spot on earth where it’s unhealthy for your lungs to run in the cold. You actually warm up the air enough by the time it hits your lungs. I believe it also releases melatonin in your body which helps you sleep better. Also to keep you warm your body has to use a lot of energy so you can lose weight easily too.